Terms & Conditions


Oakland Business Improvement District (“OBID”) is the “Program Administrator” for the Shop2Help Oakland Gift Card Program (“Program”) launched on October 1, 2020. Purchases made on this website will be processed and mailed by our “Fulfillment Partner” (Facture, LLC, as of November 15, 2020) on a weekly basis or sooner.


All gift card purchases within an order will typically be mailed together via USPS Standard Mail in the form of plastic gift cards, paper gift certificates, or digital voucher codes based on what is provided by each merchant or business in the order, but may arrive in multiple packages depending on weight or availability of inventory at the time the order is filled. Envelopes with the OBID return address will be mailed to the purchaser via USPS Standard Mail (which does not include a tracking number) at the Shipping Address provided at checkout.

Gift card orders are filled and mailed via USPS on a weekly interval (or quicker), so please allow between 7 and 14 days to receive your gift card purchase(s) by USPS Standard Mail (which does not have a tracking number). If for some reason you have not received your purchase after 14 days, please first be patient as we understand that the U.S. Postal Service occasionally experiences delays in processing mail for delivery due to intermittent staff shortages directly related to the pandemic at any given time. If after 14 days, though, you have questions about your order, please contact the Program Administrator at giftcards@oaklandbid.org. Fulfillment delays are never expected, but in the event that any significant fulfillment delays do occur during the Program due to COVID-19 restrictions or for any other reason, OBID or Program partners or affiliates will, to the best of their ability, contact purchasers to inform them of any delays using the email address provided at checkout.

In the event that the customer no longer has access to a mailbox that was provided at checkout (i.e., a student moving off-campus, a person changing employers, etc.) and notifies the Program Administrator after the order has already been mailed by our Fulfillment Partner, please understand that, of course, this scenario is out of our control. You can at any time attempt to resolve the issue by emailing the Program Administrator at giftcards@oaklandbid.org.


Generally speaking, there are no refunds. Under extreme circumstances only may accommodations may be considered for a full or partial refund for orders. By making a purchase via this site in support of this Program, customers are acknowledging that direct payments to the participating businesses, donations to non-profit organizations, and administrative expenses are incurred immediately upon processing your payment, thereby refund requests are not easily filled without incurring additional losses or expenses by community organizations, non-profit organizations, or small businesses coordinating to make this Program possible.

By making a gift card purchase through this Program, for example, all customers are inherently acknowledging that there may be delays in processing or delivering your order that are out of the Program’s collaborators’ ability to control which result in gift card orders being delivered outside of the estimated 14-day turnaround previously mentioned, or that in some instances orders may be partially filled or mailed in multiple packages with the complete order delivered outside of the estimated 14-day turnaround previously mentioned.


Once received by mail, purchasers will be able to redeem gift cards at the merchant/business based on each merchant’s own redemption rules and policies. Value of each gift card is $35.00 – the equivalent to the original purchase amount of $25.00 plus the additional $10.00 bonus cash incentive – less any value already redeemed by customer. Redemption rules and policies are subject to each merchant’s own terms and conditions. Contact the merchant directly with questions about their respective terms and conditions. For example, some merchants may allow gift cards to be redeemed at any location, others may allow gift cards to be redeemed at only their Oakland location; other merchants may allow gift cards to be redeemed in-store or in-person at their brick-and-mortar location only, while others may offer online sales; others may set an expiration date or timeframe within which the gift card(s) may be valid. Policies will vary and are subject to change at the sole discretion of the merchant.

Gift cards issued under this program carry the same risks of any gift card purchase at any time. Specifically, should the merchant issuing a gift card cease business or otherwise be deemed incapable of providing goods or services for sale at any time before a gift card is redeemed, no refunds or exchanges will be given except where required by law.

As businesses nationwide continue to adapt to county, state, or federal regulations and restrictions due to the the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and make day-to-day operational adjustments to remain compliant with safety regulations, gift card policies are subject to change after the initial purchase date. We ask that you please stay in-tune with each of the merchants that you are supporting through your gift card purchase(s) today, and ask that you continue to show your support and work together through any potential hardships to resolve any issues in the event that changes are in any way deemed necessary due to evolving COVID-19 safety regulations and operating restrictions.

Any issues associated with redeeming a gift card after the purchase date is the sole responsibility of the merchant/business who issued the gift card and the customer who made the purchase, not the Program Administrator. After receiving your gift card(s), please work directly with the issuing merchant to resolve any disputes. The Program Administrator will retain a log of all Shop2Help Oakland Gift Card Program transactions for a period of one year from purchase date as proof of your purchase, though all purchasers and merchants hereby release OBID and all Program partners or affiliates from any and all liability or responsibility associated with the failure of an issuing merchant to be able to provide goods or services in exchange for their gift card(s).